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The purposes of this web-site and forum are: Evangelism, Prayer, the study of Bible text, and Bible related questions. Also the discussion of current world events, with the probabilities of them pertaining to Bible Prophesy, and the fulfillment of end-time events.
The Theological views of this web-sites Author, are Fundamentally Apostolic. Based on the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ and his Apostles, as rendered in the King James Version of the Holy Bible; without Denominational influence or Doctrines. All scripture references on this site are from the KJV – Psalms 12:6-7; Matthew 24:35.

A quick review of the web-site is as follows:

Page Two – Contains a brief summary of my "Faith Declaration".
Page Three – Contains a short but sincere "Gospel Message".
Page Four – "Another Gospel" no Sin, no Guilt, no Repentance.
Page Five – Is a short "Bible Study" on the Beatitudes.
Page Six – Gives a brief description, and information on various "Cults & Religions".
Page Seven – Gives a brief description of most modern "Bible Versions".
Page Eight – "Bible Bindings" description of Leather types, paper, basic editions, and leather care.
Page Nine – A breif guideline to "Bible Reading & Study", and the version you should consider using.

There is also a "Gospel Bible Paths Forum"  where study, and questions related to the scriptures, and current events may be asked and discussed.

A special "Prayer Requests" topic has been added to the Forum, and a link has been placed at the bottom of every page on the website where you may make, or view Prayer Requests. You do not need to be registered to make, view, or answer Prayer Requests.

I have also added a link, to my personal "Guestbook" on the Forum. I would really like to see your comments, and suggestions about the website. You do not need to be registered, to comment in the guestbook.

A link to my E-Mail address is included, for any communication considered of a personal nature you may have or want to make, "Private Prayer Requests" will be honored.

May the love of God, the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you.

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